November 2010- Rouge Concept Gallery-Toronto, Canada-Group exhibition of painting and sculpting .
June 2006-Etemad art gallery -Tehran, Iran- solo retrospective exhibition sculpture.
January 2003-Niavaran Cultural Center-Tehran, Iran- third Iranian sculpting biennale.
February 2000-Golestan art gallery -Tehran, Iran-work in glass.
January 2000: Contemporary Arts Museum- Tehran, Iran -second Iranian sculpting biennale.
February1995: Golestan art gallery-Tehran, Iran-solo exhibition of sculpture in metal works.
May1994: Contemporary Arts Museum-Tehran. Iran- first Iranian sculpting biennale.
August 1994: Barg art gallery-Tehran. Iran -group exhibition of sculpturing -three sculptors.
August 1993: Contemporary Arts Museum - Tehran, Iran -manifestations of contemporary Iranian arts.
From 1993 till now: some group exhibition in Tehran -New York -Geneva -karakas.